Superb granite countertops for your bathroom

I finished bathroom remodel several weeks ago. You now, all of those usual things such as new tiles, fixtures, cabinets and of course countertops. Last element was particularly important to me because I really loathed the solution employed by previous homeowner. He just tiled the whole surface, which might look nice but its maintenance was pain in... neck. Well, I wanted bathroom countertops to be esthetic yet practical. One of my friends claimed to know a company who would be able to fulfill those requirements perfectly and deliver superb bathroom countertops from Madison. At first, I wasn't particularly convinced because they deal in stone. Yes, it has amazing appearance and there are no two pieces that look alike but... it's porous and I didn't think it too well suited for humid bathroom environment. Nevertheless, I decided to give them a chance.

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Why you should choose granite bathroom countertops?

I gave the countertop company a call and described my situation. First pleasant surprise came when they dispelled my doubts and explained that porosity of stone is remediated by sealant application. Moreover, granite, however porous, didn't require extra treatment at all but if I wanted to prolong its service life, sealing was advisable. Encouraged by comprehensive answer, I asked for estimate for bathroom countertops. And that was second surprise. Taking into account type of material and its quality, I was getting fairly cheap granite countertops. Learning that, I didn't need any more incentive to order installation. Of course, before technicians got to my place, I had to choose design and stone style. Did you know that granite comes in almost infinite number of colors and patterns? Well, I didn't. It's even available in the shade called blue pearl with silvery and bluish flakes, which was the one I've chosen. Now I'm a happy owner of beautiful bathroom countertops, delivered by RT Granite. That was well done.

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