What kind of doors should you use for your shower

When choosing the right shower doors you must decide whether you wish to have frames on your shower. A framed shower is one that has metal around the entire structure – including the door. A semi frameless shower enclosure also has metal around the entire shower, but does not have a metal frame around the entire door. Finally, frameless shower door, as the name indicates, lacks a metal frame. Frameless shower doors are often used in contemporary bathroom designs because they the suit idea of simplicity promoted by modern bathroom styles.

With IMAGO Glass Company you are guaranteed satisfaction

If you hire mediocre contractors then you will end up with a mediocre shower door that can even completely ruin the look of your bathroom. This is why you should entrust the task of installing frameless shower doors in Chicago to IMAGO Glass Company. With them you are certain to get exactly what you pay for – a high quality frameless shower doors that are sure to enhance the look of your bathroom. While the top products offered by this company may be expensive, they also offer a number of affordable frameless shower doors for those whose wish to spend less money.