Warning Signs of Furnace Malfunction Meaning You Need Furnace Repair Hoffman Estates, IL

One of the most important appliances in your home is your furnace. You do not want to be without a dependable furnace function in the cold Hoffman Estates winters.  What are some signs of potential furnace malfunction?


First, age is a huge factor so if your furnace is over 20 years old a malfunction is a constant danger.  Having DucTech Furnace Repair Hoffman Estates do an annual inspection and furnace service is vital.

Second, emissions of odors or fumes from your furnace or ducts are red flags of potential problems.  Your furnace should not smell like gas or fuel fumes.  If it does, call DucTech Furnace Repair Hoffman Estates immediately.

Finally, hearing popping, high-pitched whining, excessive rattling or groaning from your furnace is never good. If that is happening a furnace repair may be headed your way. Call DucTech Furnace Repair Hoffman Estates for your furnace service today!