Everything is possible with professional Home Remodeling Chicago.

Old houses look great. Well, I mean those featured in lifestyle magazines, where everything is perfect, plumbing and wiring are failure-free and you think even pets were chosen to match home d├ęcor. It wasn`t so with my house. When I inherited it, I felt dismayed by the scope of the necessary repairs. Undoubtedly, building had a potential but hidden so deep I wanted to sell it immediately. Fortunately, someone advised me on speaking first with a company that is good in Home Remodeling Chicago, mainly Fred. I loved their prompt reaction. They didn't limited themselves to small talk over the phone but actually came to assess the house condition. Guys told me that there is a lot to do but it`s not that bad, as it seems. Actually, there are several original fixtures as well as plenty of hardware that can be safely salvaged and reuse in the new design.

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Vintage look with modern functionality

Idea of recycling old elements in my home remodeling project was very appealing. I could not only save money but have unique house as well. There were a lot of debris and dust, when crew started to work. Guys said not to worry; they would tidy up everything upon completing work. They did exactly that, leaving my house and its surroundings very neat. But that`s a detail. More important are results of their work. Among others, I gained beautiful, classic in style, bathroom with black and white floor and (believe it or not) original claw footed bathtub. It looks simply gorgeous. Faucets are modern but guys from Fred found something that nicely mimics its vintage counterparts, so I`m perfectly happy with that. I`ve never thought that Chicago home remodeling contractors can do wonders but that`s exactly what they did. If any of my friends will be doing some renovation, I`m sure to recommend him or her Fred Home Remodeling services.

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