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Is roofing replacement necessary? Questions to ask your roofing contractor

Roof is arguably the most important investment in your house as it keeps the building protected from elements. On average roof repair costs ten time less than roof replacement. There are three main indications however when you want to hire roofing companies in Glenview, IL to replace your roof. First, when it nears to the end of its lifespan, which averages 20 to 25 years. Materials used, maintenance and previous repairs are the factors influencing the its life. There is no saying that replacement is necessary but asking roofing contractor for an inspection is prudent. Second case that calls for replacement is to increase you house’s curb appeal. And third one – there are extensive leaks. If you see some serious leaking, more often than not you won’t even consider repair. For less serious damage to your roof however - cracked or missing shingles, dripping ceiling, sagging gutters, damaged flashing, fascia or soffits – roof repair is a viable solution. Still it’s good to ask a reliable local roofing company what type of service will be more appropriate – roof repair or replacement. If upon inspection roofing contractors’ verdict is replacement, there are several question you should ask before starting a job. First that comes to mind is the written estimate (depending on the type and size of the roof and type of materials). You want to ask as well whether the roofing company will strip existing roof down to the deck (allows for proper inspection for damage). Last but not least, check with your roofing contractors what is a warranty on your new roof.


Get a roof estimate from local roofing companies

While calling let’s say local roofing companies in Schaumburg, IL for an estimate keep in mind few things. First and foremost, all of the calculations are based on per square basis so the actual cost of your roof depends on its size. That estimation include not only cost of roofing material (which depends on its type and might be negligible comparing to the total price) but accompanying materials for the end and the beginning of the roof, additional protective elements (for hot or cold climate), waste removal and labor (the last one being actually the most pricey part of the whole undertaking). So you’ve called your roofing contractors Schaumburg and got a quote for roof replacement or installation, that you find more than acceptable. But upon actual inspection of your roof, that estimation went up mysteriously to twice or thrice the initial amount. What the heck your Schaumburg roofing contractors are playing at, you ask outraged. Not necessarily rightly so. There may additional considerations that increase the cost. Upon asking your local roofing contractor you learn that your roof is particularly steep or have many slopes and eaves (think about Tudor roof for example). As result laying it takes more time and requires more experience than something simple and straightforward, let’s say ranch style roof. Another factor that adds to the price is flashing around (multiple) skylights and chimneys. For the most accurate overview of the final cost of your roof try getting an estimation from at least three local roofing companies.

Choose from a variety of roofing types

There is plethora of roofing materials to choose from. Contact your local contractors, let’s say roofing companies in Wilmette, IL, to learn about the products they can provide you with. Keep in mind though that deciding on particular type of covering isn’t only the matter of aesthetics and total cost. Each of the roofing materials has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take asphalt shingles for starters. Your Wilmette roofing contractors will tell you, they are the most popular type of covering and for a good reason. Quite durable, lightweight, easy to install and repair, they are one of the cheapest roofing option as well. If you strive for rustic look however and don’t have budget constraints, wood roof covering may work for you. It’s prone to fire, high maintenance and requires treatment to protect from mold and insects. But it’s one of the most ecofriendly materials with gorgeous look on top of that. For other elegant, natural, yet more durable choices you can have ceramic tiles or slate shingles. Both are very sturdy and long lasting options. Additionally tiles, even though relatively brittle in unfavorable weather conditions, are easy to replace. There are lot of styles to choose from and they can even be formed into custom shapes. Last but not least, metal roofing. It’s one of the most expensive roof coverings available, yet widely praised for its many advantages. It’s almost everything proof, last a lifetime and can save you quite a lot on heating and insurance bills if laid properly by experienced roofing contractors.


Experienced hail damage? Find roofing company to restore your roof

No matter how well you take care for your roof, there are events than can influence negatively its condition. Some of them you can prevent and some unfortunately not. Hail storms belong to the latter category. Hail damage is quite frequent occurrence in Chicago area. When you think about hail as being “just” frozen raindrops it doesn’t sounds that serious. But let’s rephrase it and consider what would happen to your roof if frozen raindrops the seize of golf ball hit it. Even if at first glimpse it didn’t take serious pounding it’s reasonable to have it inspected by local roofer, experienced in hail damage repairs, let’s say Sezor Roofing Companies Mount Prospect, IL. Evaluating your roof condition may seem pretty straightforward. Some of the damage however, like soft spots on asphalt shingles, that weaken the covering, aren’t always easy to spot by lay person. So, you know that you need professionals, well versed in roof hail damage repairs as they differ from normal tear and wear of the covering. Why to go local though, when after every hail storm, you have roofers aplenty traveling around? And they can do the repairs for a steal no less. The answer is simple. You want to have reputable roofing contractors, with a proven record of dealing with the kind of damage that your roof sustained. Both are hard to determine if you choose some unknown roofers. And when you hire reliable Roofing Companies Mount Prospect you have warranty on the work done.


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