Design wonderful home for whole your family

Build the house of your dreams

Building a house for your family and yourself sounds like a wonderful idea. Well, at least until you get to the task and realize that it’s not as simple and straightforward as finding some nice pictures on the internet. However, neither it is a rocket science. When you follow all of the necessary steps and have reliable construction company in Chicago on hand, everything will run smoothly. So let’s take a look on the process of building the house of your dreams. Actually, browsing online for inspirations is a pretty good starting point, which allows you to determine (with help of an architect if necessary), how your needs and expectations translate to real life plans and designs. While deciding on particular solutions and materials it’s good to ask construction company in Chicago for an estimate. Actually, it’s even better to shop around a bit and get a quote from more than one construction contractor. That way you’ll get a better feel of a final cost of your investment and maybe cut a deal in the process. At the same time, start looking around for an appropriate plot of land for your investment, unless you already possess one. In such a case, you obviously skip that stage. Next step is getting building permits from your local building department. When you describe your project, guys will let you know, how to apply and what documents to submit for relevant permits. Upon receiving permit certificate, you have to post it in a visible place. That was easy, huh? Now it’s time to call experts, let’s say from Bob Constructions, as they have plenty of experience with that type of jobs. They will spend some time clearing, leveling and excavating your plot of land, according to the architect’s plan. Then they will outline the footprint of your house. That done, your construction contractors Chicago will pour footers and foundation proper. It is arguably the most important part of the whole building process as it provides support for the rest of the structure. Next step consists of framing. As the name indicates, walls, floors and roof are framed, that is, given a skeleton. Ok, but that’s only a skeleton so now you want your construction contractor make it into a real home, by adding heating, plumbing, electricity, insulation, drywalls, etc. Well, actually it’s steel a far cry from your dreamed home with lovely floors, painted walls and gorgeous bathroom and kitchen. However, when you choose company like Bob Construction, it’s pretty easy to remediate it. They not only build your house from scratch. They provide you with all that final additions that will change your dwelling in a beautiful home. That’s exactly the moment when everything starts resembling your architect’s drawings. So, your construction company in Chicago did a remarkable job and you’re a happy owner of a brand new house. Now it’s enough to add furniture and appliances and everything is ready for your family to move in.

house of your dreams

Entertainment for everyone

One it comes to home entertainment most often than you have several TV sets in separate rooms of your house, a video game console, some music players and several mobile devices that allow you to enjoy your favorite sitcom or drama on the go. While it’s not a bad idea to have different appliances on hand, allocating separate room with high quality home theater and home audio Chicago for all of your entertainment needs sounds even better. You think that you don’t have a room in your house that can be used solely for that purpose? Then think again. Let’s take basement for example. What come to your mind are low ceilings, bare walls and lonely lightbulb hanging from the wire. Shelves of preserves, broken tools, and some odds and ends collecting dust just add to the doom and gloom feel. Entertainment in such a setting seems outright creepy. But it’s not that bad. Actually, with little effort you can change that space into a proper entertainment room. As a result, in one designated part of your house you can have a place to have fun with your family, play video games or watch that newly released movie on the big screen TV with excellent home audio Chicago. First, you need to do some remodeling and put comfortable furniture. But that’s for starters only as you don’t want another living room in your house, only located under the ground level. There is nothing wrong with a living room but your purpose is setting an entertainment room worthy of that name. While you are at it, consider hiring company that specializes in home theater installation in Chicago. One of the companies that are particularly well versed in delivering audio and video solutions for your house is Low Voltex Inc. Well, you could buy and install appliances by yourself but professionals provide you with customized offers that will best suit your needs, tastes and of course the room layout. With top-notch equipment they will provide you with, you could feel almost like in a fully-fledged movie theater. Moreover, you will learn that the biggest screen available isn’t necessarily better than something smaller. While determining the screen size you should rather consider the size of the room and the distance of your sitting place from the TV. But TV isn’t everything. Now it’s time to choose audio systems. Want to feel that a sound surrounds you? Nothing easier. Several speakers in different parts of the room create a surround system. And last but not least, you won’t have to worry that something doesn’t work as intended or there are some strange cables left and you actually don’t know what to do about them. Ok, guys installed your home theater and home audio and now what? Well, congratulations you are a happy owner of a brand new entertainment room. So gather your family, dim lights, turn on your favorite movie and enjoy.

home theater in Chicago

Perfect bathroom

Everybody loves his or her creature comforts. Some of us are partial to a cozy living room or a kitchen with multitude of appliances, others – to a basement turned gym, an entertainment room or a bathroom that a spa retreat would be envious about. While speaking of a bathroom it’s easy to overlook its great designing potential. Bathroom is a necessity but at the same time, it’s a place where you can relax after day’s work, taking a long, lazy soak. Or on the contrary – prepare yourself for a new day challenges with an invigorating splash. There is an ongoing debate whether bathroom should be functional or elegant, when it actually can be both. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of practicality, even when your bathroom size seams better suited for a dollhouse than a real home. The solution is quite simple - custom shower doors Chicago. There is no saying that glass shower doors aren’t appropriate for large master bathrooms but let’s start small (literarily and figuratively). Custom shower doors can be adjusted to any size and shape of interior, allowing for effective use of available space. That’s the practical side of such a solution. How about aesthetics? Frameless shower doors, particularly those made of crystal clear glass, optically expand tiny bathroom and add that airy feel, typical for spa retreats. Nice effect by itself, it works even better when teamed with walk-in shower enclosure instead of a shower stall. But that’s not everything. To improve your bathing experience you can decide either on revolving or sliding shower doors. What does the type of door mounting have in common with having a hot, relaxing shower at the end of the long day? Well actually quite a lot. In a small bathroom, with cramped layout, it may mean the difference between acrobatics and comfortable walking in and out of a shower enclosure. And how about custom shower doors Chicago and a large bathroom? Does it add to the functionality or the beauty of the design? As mentioned above – to both. With glass shower doors, you can enjoy almost unlimited designing options that will suit the character of your home, your tastes and needs. Crystal clear glass to use with atypical bathroom layout, blue or green tinted glass for marine feel, dark tinted, frosted or rain glass when privacy is a concern. If you need extra safety then tempered or starphire glass is a good option. Those are some but not all of the possible uses of custom shower doors that enhance the looks of your bathroom, at the same improving its functionality. Imagination and budget are the limits. But your quest for a perfect bathroom doesn’t have to leave you broken. There are companies around like for example IMAGO Glass Inc., who will help you with finding the most appropriate solution at an affordable price. And when everything is in place, you can walk in to your perfect bathroom, turn on a shower and relax.

functional and elegant bathroom

Relax on the deck after long day

What is the difference between a porch and a deck, you may ask before getting to the task of acquiring one or another. Generally speaking, porch is the type of construction that provides a shelter in front of the entrance to the house. Deck on the other hand is an elevated platform that resembles floor in your house but is located outdoors and usually connected to the building. Which to choose? That actually depends on your needs and preferences but in many cases choosing decking in Chicago will fit the bill better than a porch might, particularly if you are a family man (or woman). Decking in Chicago offers a great space for any informal outdoor gathering with friends and family members. Due to its character, you won’t have to worry about tracing mud to your house when the weather isn’t perfect or wait hours on end until your lawn is sufficiently dry. But those are minor advantages. What are the main ones? As mentioned above it’s a great gathering space, where you can put garden furniture, build a grill and have a wonderful time with your guests and/or family. You can enhance your deck’s looks with addition of potted plants, pergolas or some such, creating place to relax after day’s work or simply enjoy a bit of sunbathing on a sunny day. That pretty well sums up why it is worth to invest in a deck. Actually you already may be interested in finding a professional deck builder Chicago (think someone like guys from Porch Deck Builders), particularly if your house has been built on a slope or uneven plot of land that otherwise may not be appropriate for recreational use. Why should you choose professional deck builder, when constructing a deck yourself doesn’t seem to be a rocket science? Well, first and foremost your local decking company will know all of the relevant building codes in your area. That way you may rest assured that your new investment will meet the regulations. Second issue that arises while building a deck is safety. Basically, you can choose from two types of constructions – post-and-beam and cantilever. First one bases on posts that are anchored to the piers in the ground. Second one relies on joints that protrude from the outer walls of your house. So far so good but usually both types of constructions are engineered and require professional deck builder that specializes in structural decking in Chicago. On top of that cantilever construction, however very popular with homeowners, may pose significant risk to your safety if not properly flashed and waterproofed. So, that’s settled then, it’s time to call professionals. They will not only provide you with safe deck construction but also help you with choosing the best design and most appropriate materials for your particular needs. And when your deck is ready, there is actually one more thing to do. Now you have to throw a “garden party” for your family and friends and enjoy all of the possible uses of your brand new deck.

Deck - best place to relax