Roof in Wheeling made simple

Roofing contractor that fits the bill

It took me some time to find suitable Wheeling roofing company as I wanted to have roof installation done by skilled and experienced contractors. Everybody can claim being good at something but White Eagle Roofing Companies show plenty of positive opinions to prove the point, so I decide to give their roofers a try. As I wanted a company who specializes among others in laying shingle residential roofing in Wheeling IL, they perfectly fitted the bill. First the guys helped me determine what kind of shingles will be best for my roof installation. Actually I was pretty stunned by the sheer amount of material, style and color options available for my undertaking.

Workmanship and customer service to make ones day

Vinyl, asphalt, wood, slate, you name it and the roofers from White Eagle will deliver, exactly as it was in my case. I decided on slate shingles. My roof has quite sturdy frame so it didn’t worry that the covering would end on the heavy side. I was striving for that classic, elegant look which my contractors delivered, installing my roof with skill and great efficiency. I’m very pleased both with excellent workmanship and perfect customer service. And on top of that, the roof installation, not being the cheapest option, was still affordable.