Enjoy cool house this summer with air conditioning

I have recently finished the renovation of my house. I have some new tile and countertops in my kitchen and bathroom but actually the most important addition became air conditioning. The feeling of getting into pleasantly cool home, when outside is sweltering hot, feels simply amazing. Of course, the whole installation was done by the professional contractor - Miron Heating & Cooling, Inc.! They provide a local air conditioning service, but frankly speaking, I think that they are the best hvac contractors in Chicago. They were very helpful during the entire process. From the planning to the installation. Whats more, they handled all transportation and delivery of the components they have used in my home. I could not be happier!


MIRON - the right choice

Their customer service is great! From the very beginning, I was treated as if I was a very important customer and not an average guy, who just wanted to buy appliance for his apartment. They assured me that they use only the best known equipment and brand names for their quality HVAC services. When I saw the final effect, I knew that they were not lying! Everything works just fine and the air quality in my apartment is now much better than it was before. When they finished they told me that in order to avoid repairs before they happen, it is best to have a service professional do a maintenance check on your heating and cooling system once a year. I appreciate this tip and I will surely call them to inspect my installation. I am sure that if someone will ask me about professional HVAC services in Chicago, I will definitely point him or her in the right direction, which is Miron Heating & Cooling, Inc.!