Vintage kitchen remodeling in Barrington

We`ve bought an old house recently. Not because it`s fashionable, a good investment or another similar nonsense. It was cheap, though required quite a lot of remodeling. We discussed what changes are needed to make it livable in the first place. My wife said "kitchen", so we started looking for someone who could do professional kitchen remodeling in Barrington. One of my friends recommended Superior Pad Construction as a company, who offers both quality and good prices. I called them and explained what it was I needed. As long as it`s viable, I wanted to keep the original house décor intact, complemented by modern additions that are similar in style. I loved their prompt response. Next day guys came to my place to see what they would have to work with and discuss the necessary details.

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Perfect marriage of new and old - how to get kitchen of your dreams

From there it got only better. They haven`t dissuaded me from my ideas, but suggested several reasonable changes to the project like replacing faucets. I wanted to keep original ones for their looks but guys convinced me to the more contemporary choice. It`s more practical that way and actually looks as good because they found some vintage looking fixtures. There was as well a question of floors. My wife loved the ceramic tiles, installed by previous owner but unfortunately too many of them were cracked or worn. We spend quite a while, looking for worthy replacement. Again, guys from Superior came with help, showing us beautiful mosaic patterns, they can conjure even from the plainest looking materials. That was something. All in all, I haven`t expected that what my wife and I considered a challenge might change in a sort of adventure. Of course, there was dust and noise but our newly kitchen extensions is well worth the hassle and its price.

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